씨더썬은 예술기반 활동을 바탕으로 여러 분야의 여성들과 연대하며 다양한 기획을 하고 있다. 모든 여성이 어떻게 ‘나’로써 살아갈 수 있을지에 대해 고민하고 이 문제를 해결 하기 위해 여성을 지원하고 교육하며 연구하고 교류한다. 다양한 네트워크를 만들어 실험하며 문제 해결을 넘어 자립 가능한 개인이 될 수 있도록 이들의 이야기를 수집하고 세상에 보여주고자 한다.
On the basis of art-based activities, Seethesun is working with women in various fields and planning various activities. All women are concerned about how they can live as 'I' and support, educate, research and exchange women to solve this problem. We try to create various networks and collect their stories and show them to the world so that they can become self-reliant artistbeyond solving problems.